State of the Gafa Nation Address


By Winky D –

It is with utmost gratitude that l hereby humble myself before you Gafas and Gafaresses. I could never forget the beauty of your belief in the Gafa vision. The breeze of your support energizes the compositions in the studio. Your undying love provides the shade for the glory of the Gafa works. Your evergreen trust in Gafa life provides the warmth during the low cold moments. I can only understand the music through your everloving faith in our mission. Your company in this music has become the better part of myself. Your patience gives me confidence which l could never feel with anything inferior. I hereby congratulate you all on the winning of the 16th NAMA awards Outstanding Album(GAFA FUTI) and People’s Choice Award. Indeed when spiders Unite, they can tie a lion. You have shown me that together we go beyond any horizon