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The album promises new higher intelligence and science to music, as Gafa Chi Extraterrestrial, Winky D’s alter ego explained it, “It is extracted from the universe’s many blackholes, sent through multiple warm holes, decrypted by the earthling encryption key Winky D, I give you GAFA FUTI audio files. Encoded in these files are equations, formulas and answers to the worries of today. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves and live by the encoded intelligence in the GAFA FUTI audio files.”

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Release Date 07/10/16



“Award-winning dancehall chanter and songwriter Winky D (Wallace Chirumiko) was born and bred in Kambuzuma, Harare. He is also known by other stage names including Ninja President, The BigMan, Dancehall Igwe, and Gafa. He has his own unique and captivating twist, using reggae, dub, dancehall, and AfroPop as he strives to inspire his audience with a sharp and emotional lyrical flow, deeply in tune with the vibe of the music.

Winky D was involved in the music industry from a young age. He was a devout collector of ragga audio tapes and vinyl. He gave his first performance at the Ghetto Lane Clashes – a showcase for the best of talented and emerging DJs – at the age of 16. He launched his career and built his reputation by displaying an attitude and a talent far superior to his age. Such a reputation earned him the title ‘Wicked Deejay’, eventually shortened to Winky D.

Winky D recorded his first professional song in 2004 for Blacklab Records called “Ndiri Rasta” on the Luckspin Riddim” and it received incredible reviews from dancehall followers. The success of “Ndiri Rasta” introduced a new era in dancehall, moving away from a sound-system driven to an artist-driven genre. With a strong team comprising of Bartholomew Vera, Jonathan Banda and his brother Layan Soljah, Winky D took the dancehall banner from the backyard to the corporate dining table in 2010 with the song “Musarova Bigman”. Winky D’s social commentary and word play changed the face of the music industry and from then onwards dancehall attracted irresistible recognition. When he shared the stage with Sean Paul and Akon in 2010 his performance was an eye opener to music consumers and music stakeholders alike, demonstrating how talented and musically smart he was. Later on in the same year, the few who still had doubts about the greatness of the artist were given yet another chance to make up their minds as he shared the stage with Jamaican superstar Beenie Man. Winky D stamped his authority as the voice and king of dancehall in Zimbabwe.

Winky D’s ability to release hit after hit quickly turned the ghetto bred artist’s brand into one that is now regarded as a darling of the corporates. Winky D was endorsed as the goodwill ambassador of the PSI Zimbabwe in the male circumcision campaign in 2011, appearing on various television, radio and commercial billboard adverts. His determination to entertain has secured many accolades:

10 x Zimdancehall awards (2008-2016)
7 x NAMA awards (2011-2017)
1 x ZIMA award (2016)
1 x Victors award (2012)
1 x Africa Entertainment award (2011)

His presence and energy on stage combined with his crowd control tactics has made his live shows epic, paving the way for him to perform in five continents to date. Gafa, as many now call him after his successful yesteryear offering GAFA LIFE, has managed to keep music lovers on their feet with well thought out and crafted music for over a decade. His international chart topping song “Disappear”, a former BBC 1Xtra number 1, has given him recognition across borders and seas with renditions being released in various styles and languages.

Disappear Official Video

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Directed by: Kyle White
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